About Us

Madina Group, a leading private sector business conglomerate in the country, commenced its business in the year of 1978 in the name of style of Madina Trading Corporation. Initially it was engaged in marketing of cement after purchasing from Indonesia, China, South Korea and other countries. It emerged as a private limited company in 1987.

From the very inception, the company never locks back. It diversified its business following a successful operation over the last two decades which resulted in of Madina Trading Corporation to take the shape of Madina Group. Each and every business concern has proved a very successful in its respective areas.

Madina Group has become a well-known name in the business arena of the country. The group has been a significant contributor to the national exchequer. It provides the exchequer with more than TK. 100 crore per annum. The group‘s turnover has been increasing every year. In 1999 its total turnover stood at about TK. 600 crore.

Continuously research, modernization of mechanism, improvement in the management efficiency and overall management vigilance ensuring both quality products and competitive price are some of the secrets of the Group’s success.

Madina Group is a decentralized, diversified group of industries with side spread activities across the country. It has its values, honesty, integrity, commitment to customers and the nation as a whole that Madina industries find very necessary for materializing the Group’s objectives. Madina Group also recognizes that maintaining the trust and confidence of employees, customers, and other people with whom it does business as well as the community in which it work are vital for its continued growth and success.