Mohammad Solaiman Salim

Deputy Managing Director of Madina Group
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Dear ladies and gentleman, 17 years earlier, in 1999 we laid the foundation of this new cement plant. I am very pleased that 17 years on, and we are operating two excellent and modern cement plant. I am confident that as a result of the operation of this plant our industrial potential will further increase and strengthen. Our primary goal was to ensure quality in advance. And obviously like I said, ensuring the bright management in there to deliver those services, having the right tools like ACP, the production technology that we have, The HEC, which is obviously a better in the technology, we are the only one. These are the difference in these factors which make us different. There are proficient peoples and I am fortunate enough to have some of them in our company. At the end of the day, we want our prime consumers and stakeholders like chemist and engineers to go ahead and go robust which is to say basically that we build with confidence. We have made and will continue to make large investments in our plants not only to increase our capacity to meet Bangladesh’s thriving need for cement of consistent quality, but also to manufacture cement while exceeding the standards implicit in being a world leader in sustainable development.