Haji Mohammad Salim

Managing Director of Madina Group
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MD's Message

Dear Distinguished Shareholders, Customers, Partners and Guests, First of all, Madina groups of company would like to express our warmest greetings and best wishes to all Shareholders, Customers and Partners. Madina group doesn’t only produce quality products,has created thousands of employment opportunity here for the juvenile job seekers. Thus, we are trying to contribute in our country’s economic development. Upholding social values and morality we have been ahead of building a new Bangladesh by using environment-friendly technology . Madina groups of company actively contribute to develop infrastructural projects and other related projects for the sake of best benefits for consumers, society and nation. We believe that our products play a significant role in the economic development in Bangladesh. Therefore, we always try our best to provide our products compatibly in the market with high and stable quality. Along with our business activities, we always pay special attentions to social care, including an environmental protection, education development, and contribution to social infrastructure construction. And our participation will continue with determination to build a better future. Madina group of company will be very glad to be fully trusted and be the first preference of the consumers and partners and our plight is to bring about the best values of Madina group to all stakeholders.

Life & Work

Haji Mohammed Salim, the Managing Director of Madina Group, hails from a respectable Muslim family of Dhaka City having a long-standing business reputation. He has earned name and fame among the business community for his outstanding quality and business activities.

Apart from his business life, Haji Mohammed Salim is a highly praised as social worker and popular personality with a commitment to work for the welfare of the people. He is the founder of Haji Salim Oxford English, Haji Salim University College and orphanage. He has also established and repaired more than a hundred of Mosques, Madrashas and orphanage. He is also a plan to set up a modern hospital in the name of his father late Haji Chand Miah Shardar. To rehabilitate destitute women, Haji Salim has founded a women training and rehabilitation center in the name of his mother Saleha Begum.

In recognition of his contribution to the society, people elected him Member of Parliament (MP) in the seventh Parliament from the Dhaka-8 constituency. Earlier, he was also elected Commissioner from Dhaka City Corporation’s 65 and 66 no. words in 1994. His business attachment with India, USA, Australia, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bhutan, Vietnam, Dubai, Saudi Arabia bring him up a prestigious entrepreneur in international business sector. He was involved in many social organization as below:

• President of governing bodies of 12 nos. secondary and higher secondary schools and college.

• Acting Mayor of DCC in 1999. Currently he is holding below prestigious position

• President of fruits import and export business association.

• President of Babu Bazar and Badamtoly rice depot association.

• General Secretary Cement Owner’s association.

• Founder president of Atith Bandhan Somaj Kallyan Songtha.

• Member of FBCCI.

• Member of DCCI.

• Member of Chittagong boat Club.

• Member of Gulshan Club.

• Member of Chittagong Senior Club etc.

At present he has elected a Member of Parliament of 10th Parliamentary election for Dhaka-7 constituency ( Lalbagh-Kotwali ).