Aydın Doğan Haji Mohammad Salim- Managing Director
Our main objective are to get engaged efficiently and responsibly in Cement, Polymer, Shipping, Real Estate and other business and to participate in the search for the development path in the country to ensure a sustainable growth.

In our journey we intend to be the market leader in the domestic economy by offering valued customers better that the demands of consumers will change substantially in the new millennium which also brings some daunting challenger in all fields, particularly in technology on which the business depends immensely.

Keeping it in mind, we are continuously monitoring markets of various products to enrich ourselves with feedback. We also want to save foreign exchange by introducing local products as the substitutes for foreign goods. Out of this thinking, we have

already set up industrial units in various sectors such as cement, polymer, polyfibre etc. Our objective is not only to do business but also to serve the nation. We desire to generate more and more employment because unemployment has become one of the country’s main problems creating a setback to our development efforts. We are proud to announce that around 2000 skilled manpower is involved in Madina Group.